[pups] Making a TK50 2.11BSD boot tape for an 11/73

Andru Luvisi luvisi at andru.sonoma.edu
Fri Jan 17 04:01:35 AEST 2003

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, David Evans wrote:
>   If you could do something like
> (dd if=mtboot sync bs=512 |+ dd if=mtboot sync bs=512 |+ dd if=boot sync bs=512) | dd of=/dev/whatever obs=512
> in order to concatenate the multiple copies of mtboot then all would be well.

How about:
  dd if=mtboot conv=sync bs=512
  dd if=mtboot conv=sync bs=512
  dd if=boot conv=sync bs=512
) |dd of=/dev/whatever bs=512

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