[pups] FreeBSD-4.7, p11-2.9, 2.11bsd

M. Giegerich migieger at bawue.de
Sun Jan 19 23:02:47 AEST 2003

I'm trying to run 2.11 BSD on the p11 emulator...
The 2.11 BSD boot image I'm using is 211_on_rl2
(which works on sim, but without network sup-

Before downloading 2.11_rp_unknown.gz that seems
to work for sure with p11 (at least I found enough
posts hinting at that), I would like to know if
anybody has successfully used the 211_on_rl2 distro
to boot 2.11 BSD on p11.

My results so far are p11 boots (after FIGHTING
with p11conf), recognizes the 4 rl and 5 rk disks
and images and gives me a @-prompt.
Telnetting to the defined ports won't do :-(

Any hints anybody?

M. Giegerich, mail: migieger at vsnl.com, phone: +91.(0)80.5530154

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