[TUHS] Re: Patches to improve 6th Edition

Norman Wilson norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca
Wed Jan 8 23:42:24 AEST 2003

A belated rejoinder to:

  This bug existed from (at least) the Fifth up until the Eighth
  editions from 1127 (BTL research). The Ninth edition had much
  rewrites in the kernel and the algorthim was changed at that point.

You're welcome.  I can't remember, though, whether I fixed it on
purpose or as part of the many general cleanups and restructurings
I did at that point.  And I didn't do enough of it; recently I
discovered a dumb problem that I probably introduced in the same
cleanups, wherein the i-node allocated for a file that couldn't be
created because the file system was full and the directory entry
couldn't be written was left allocated but nameless ...

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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