[TUHS] Re: [pups] Prob OT, CP/88, CP/X86, anyone?

Steve Nickolas usagi.tsukino at pinku.zzn.com
Thu Jul 17 12:45:53 AEST 2003

I used to have an old Lotus 123 1A manual, it was for the 3270PC.  It
mentioned how there was some windowed system and a way to escape to
DOS 2.0 and how 123 had to be run in full-screen mode because it
raw-blitted to the video RAM.  Sounded like the system was rather
Windows 2-like, or at the very least Windows 1-like, back before the
Mac. *blink* I don't know, never seen a 3270PC in real life.

I do think that this CP/88 might be that windowed system.

...I wonder if it could run on Bochs or some other x86 PC emulator *g*


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