[TUHS] The REEL reasons for the SCO vs. IBM affair

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Mon Jun 2 11:53:18 AEST 2003

Hello folks.

I've been watching this whole SCO vs. IBM assault on Linux thing and here are
my thoughts. I would not surprised a bit if it turns out that this idea was
conceived somewhere inside Microsoft, or in the White House, in the Pentagon,
or even at Area 51. This is about world control. A certain group of enormous
power has been ruling this planet and holding it in slavery for the past 4000
years. They are the ones in control today. They control the world through their
control of globalised imperial capitalism, total control of all media, and mind
control achieved by controlling all information input into human minds.

Control of computing and information resources is obviously of vital importance
to them in this day and age. It is they who invented M$ Weendoze, probably the
most effective brainwashing device since the Bible. It is really Weendoze that
keeps them in power. There are many activists fighting against this shadow
government, but their efforts are in vain for as long as they use Weendoze.
Fighting the shadow government while using their OS is like going on a duel and
having your opponent load your gun for you.

This is precisely why the shadow government is acting so arrogantly and
seemingly naively. Many conspiracy researchers have wondered how come if this
shadow govt is so powerful and obviously wants to remain in control, why aren't
they assassinating us or something to stop our efforts to defeat them. And I
think I know the answer now. They government is not assassinating conspiracy
researchers en masse because the vast majority of them use Weendoze and praise
Bill Gates. Thus while thinking that they are fighting the shadow government,
they actually support it.

And now it seems like the shadowy powers have begun to *really* fear Linux.
Because Linux more than anything poses the greatest threat to their power. It
does because if all those conspiracy researchers and anti-shadow govt freedom
fighters who are already out there happen to switch to Windows to Linux, the
probability of which rises proportionally as Linux gains more and more use,
then bye-bye shadow government. *That* is what they fear. And that is why they
have undertaken this ultrasecret covert anti-Linux operation.

Just my thoughts.


P.S. Too bad that you've just missed Conspiracy Con 2003 last weekend, but they
have them every year. But there is also the companion conference, Bay Area UFO
Expo held in September, where they also talk a lot about conspiracies, as these
conspiracies are ultimately extraterrestrial. If anyone is interested in this I
strongly recommend going to the Expo this September. I'll be there if anyone
wants to meet me.

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