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Cornelius Keck ckeck at texoma.net
Mon Jun 2 14:05:22 AEST 2003

> As far as I can see (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong), most of
> the key players at SCO have changed over the last 12 months.  They
> ppear to have few engineers left, which is presumably one reason wh
> they gave the UnixWare and Linux code to outsiders to compare.  I'm

I'm not surprised. Considering SCO's pricing policy (ever looked at
that? They charge for every little bit of configuration above and be-
yond, say, Sony PS2 multiplayer environment, like extra users, more
memory, more processors, ..., uname it, they charge for it), the place
looks more and more like a dominion of marketing folks, and lawyers,
with the latter no longer being considered a defense entity against
unfriendly intrusion, but rather a business division, expected to
generate substantial revenue. If a company trades innovative head-
count (i.e. developers and engineers) for headcount unaware, or un-
familiar with the prime business objective, then the second rate
headcount will come up with many "interesting" schemes to justify
their continued employment.

I might be overdoing it just so. But then I have seen this happen
thrice during my career, so there is a pattern.

Thank you for listening to a not-too-old man rambling ;)



                             Cornelius Keck
                 cornelius at keck.cx / ckeck at texoma.net

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