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Hello again from Gregg C Levine
Folks it become an alternate reality, when SCO started the lawsuit. As
far as I can see, and this is based on watching these posts, and
others, on a different list, SCO is having problems. For example, they
were not at LWE this past January, however, they were present last
year, and for the few years that I've been going. I suspect that the
company is having a bad time this time period and faked up the lawsuit
to make up for that. And that's only my opinions.
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> > http://www.sco.com/scosource/unixtree/unixhistory01.html
> Well, if SCO is claiming intellecutal property rights to Linux, why
> are they intimating that they will sue Linus?
> This is becoming an alternate reality.
> 	Warren
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