[TUHS] Re: SCO vs IBM: what unix patents?

Dennis Ritchie dmr at plan9.bell-labs.com
Thu Jun 12 12:22:56 AEST 2003

Arnold asked,

 > Just out of curiousity, what patents are there in the current Unix System V
 > system?  The setuid patent was released to the public, so that can't be
 > an issue.  And copyright, trade secrets, blah blah, I can understand.  But
 > I'm curious what is there in System V that has actually been patented?

One article I read mentioned three, all visible in the
USPTO database:

	5,652,854 (filed 1995, granted 1997, assigned to Novell)
	5,265,250 (filed 1990, granted 1993, originally assigned to AT&T)
	6,097,384 (filed 1995, granted 2000, assigned to Novell)

The first has to do with page table mapping
and virtual address space, the second with RPC,
the third with managing memory in subobjects.

I have no idea how central these are to the
case.  They appear rather peripheral to me.


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