[TUHS] VAX-11/780 emulation

nao nao at tom-yam.or.jp
Wed Jun 18 15:54:05 AEST 2003


In message "Re: [TUHS] VAX-11/780 emulation"
    on 03/06/18, Akito Fujita <akito_fujita at mvg.biglobe.ne.jp> writes:
>I want to make sure how different it from BSD.
>That is reason why I want to run UNIX/32V.
>Perhaps, no one have seen UNIX/32V which is running in Japan.
>Also we can run old [34]BSD stuff without modification,
>if we have VAX-11/780 emulator.

Some report on UNIX/32V for VAX-11/780 located at the University of
Tokyo appeared in a Japanese journal for computer architecture in
1981. See the following web page for details. CAVEAT: it contains lots
of Japanese characters.


Naoki Hamada
nao at tom-yam.ro.jp

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