[TUHS] What about the license from Jan 23, 2002?

Norman Wilson norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca
Sat Jun 21 01:12:24 AEST 2003

Just to clarify, what Brantley has is his own copy of the Bill
Broderick letter, printed from the PDF file.  If it's valid, it
is effectively unrevokable anyway as it grants permission to use
and distribute freely to anyone as long as credit to Caldera is
maintained.  But as long as nobody has a signed original it may
be messy to prove that it's valid.

On the other hand, I assume that if it can be shown that Caldera
were aware of the letter and behaved as if it were valid, there
are no secrets left to protect in V7 or 32/V.

On the other leg, however, that letter doesn't open up System III.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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