[TUHS] Getting UNIXs for 16-bit 8086

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actually it's indeed derived from at&t unix 6 also it feels closer to the 
actual old unix than other newer variants and it comes with C compiler and 
an assembler in the distribution ,
I am currently using 2.0.3 and I like it except for few reservations about 
its developments tools ,  it's nice in the way unix purist used to like 
versions 6 and 7 , small efficient neat and trying hard to become fully 
posix .

the development tools aren't as good as they should be  I don't like the ACK 
(amersterdam compiler kit) it feels gaged but its latest c compiler is 
highly ansi compatible , its assembler is a close cousin to the old 
assembler in IBM PC/IX version of unix.

to answer natalia

you can run it in two modes 16 bit and 32 bit check the 2.0.3 distribution 
page there are several packages 86/286/386 , don't bother with the so called 
2.0.0. or CD distribution it's old., the real nice touch is the version that 
runs in dos under windows , it's cute but be aware not everything works in 
due to the limited resources , but I like it for quick hacks.
minix was done for educational purposes the book published by AST the guy 
behind minix contains complete source code and oriented towards students .

here's the direct link to 2.0.3.


good luck

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>On Sun, 22 Jun 2003, Andru Luvisi wrote:
> > Minix is available and under a BSD like license.  I don't know if it 
> > suit you since it isn't derived from AT&T code, and the source for the 
> > the compiler is not included.
> >
> > http://www.cs.vu.nl/~ast/minix.html
>I spoke too soon.  Apparently the sources for ACK are now available:
>   ftp://ftp.cs.vu.nl/pub/kjb/ACK/ACK-5.2.tar.gz
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