[TUHS] question about SIMH tapes

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at Informatik.BA-Stuttgart.DE
Tue Jun 24 07:57:23 AEST 2003

Just to keep it Unix-like, I wrote enblock, which takes a file in stdin
a produces a tape file on stdout in SIMH-format. It takes one option,
the block size, which defaults to 512. It writes an end of file mark
after each run. To write more than one file on one tape, type

 	enblock <file1 >tape ; enblock <file2 >>tape
to write an end of tape mark, type
	enblock </dev/null >>tape

You'll find enblock.c at

>Harti's p11 comes with mktape which when given a control file will turn a set
>of files into a tape image.  Is there anything like this for SIMH PDP-11?

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