[TUHS] V7 UNIX on VAX 11/750

John Willis jwillis at coherent-logic.com
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I have an entire room of my house dedicated to computers including a VAX
11/750, a MicroVAX 3100, a VAXstation 3100, a VAXstation 2000, a MicroVAX
II, and a huge HP 9000/800 I40... Needless to say, it gets hot.

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Hello again from Gregg C Levine
I have a copy here of it, and I'll check it, and also a copy of the C
book. John, yes it was, and the one for C, is the 9th one of UNIX, on
the 8550. Is it possible, gang, that the releases for the VAX, track a
different sequence of events, then for the PDP-11? But more
importantly, both books were done using the UNIX tools and using
output devices that are actually typesetters, rather then printers. I
know. I've met both. However, considering that the author of the first
is one of the authors for the definitive C book, would they have had
access to unreleased versions?

Dennis you worked on that historic text with Brian Kernighan, and the
book we are talking about, Brian worked with someone else, can you
check on my assertions, and report back?

John, you have a 11/750? Where do you keep it?
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> Just noticed in the publication data for "The UNIX Programming
> that
> it was created on a VAX 11/750 running V7 UNIX. How is this
possible? I have
> an 11/750 and V7 is my favorite UNIX... if I could do this, it would
> awesome.
> Anyone have any insights?
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