[TUHS] compiling festoon

Dennis Ritchie dmr at plan9.bell-labs.com
Sat Mar 8 16:30:08 AEST 2003

Norman observed (about conj):

 > Since the problem is a new library function that appeared in
 > the official header files in C99, it makes sense that newer
 > versions of gcc object.  That means that as time goes by, newer
 > C compilers everywhere will probably pick up the change.  Any
 > documentation stored next to festoon.c should definitely point
 > out the problem and its full generality.

 > We'll leave aside for now the question of whether complex
 > conjugation really ought to be public.

So far as I can tell from ISO/IEC 9899:1999,
the panoply of Complex macros and functions
are supposed to be enabled only after

 #include <complex.h>

gcc looks to be overenthusiastic.


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