[TUHS] SCO sues IBM?

Sven Mascheck sven.mascheck at student.uni-ulm.de
Tue Mar 11 19:44:06 AEST 2003

On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 08:11:20PM -0800, Michael Davidson wrote:

> I realise that some people are concerned that they can no longer find
> the "Ancient UNIX" license on the SCO web site - I wouldn't read too
> much into that - the "Ancient UNIX" stuff was always tucked away in
> an obscure corner - I suspect that the link to it just got lost when we
> stopped doing free evaluation licenses for the current product.

Concerning the former, "strictly educational" license:
It doesn't seem to be linked, but is still available at
It's functional and pointing to downloadable source.


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