[TUHS] sco v. ibm

Norman Wilson norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca
Thu May 22 21:54:03 AEST 2003

I haven't come up to speed yet on SCOIBM Wars (pronounce it as you
like, but perhaps not in polite company), but even so I know enough
to ask a question: is anyone in possession of a signed, original,
genuine, non-electronic copy of the Bill Broderick letter of 23 Jan 2002
that granted a mostly free license (as long as credit given and Caldera's
name not used in vain) for 32V, V7, and predecessors?

Certainly there are electronic copies around; it existed (perhaps still
exists) as a PDF file on Caldera's web site.  I have a hardcopy in my
own files, next to the old SCO Ancient UNIX Source Code agreement for
which I paid hard cash (as we used to call the US dollar).  But if there
is an original somewhere, that might carry more weight.

Is Bill Broderick still in an appropriately high position at Caldera
or SCO?

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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