[TUHS] sco v. ibm

T.M. Sommers tms2 at mail.ptd.net
Sat May 24 01:00:51 AEST 2003

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> On Thursday, 22 May 2003 at  7:54:03 -0400, Norman Wilson wrote:
> > I haven't come up to speed yet on SCOIBM Wars (pronounce it as you
> > like, but perhaps not in polite company), but even so I know enough
> > to ask a question: is anyone in possession of a signed, original,
> > genuine, non-electronic copy of the Bill Broderick letter of 23 Jan 2002
> > that granted a mostly free license (as long as credit given and Caldera's
> > name not used in vain) for 32V, V7, and predecessors?
> This is a question I've been asking for some time.  Sadly, nobody has
> answered "yes".  See also the message I sent yesterday: SCO have also
> maid claims which suggest they don't recognize the statement.

If he was their agent, then it doesn't matter what they claim to
recognize now; they are bound by his statement.

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