[TUHS] The nameless horror of dotfiles [was (no subject)]

Dennis Ritchie dmr at plan9.bell-labs.com
Sat May 24 14:17:52 AEST 2003

The omniscient Norman seems to have nailed me:

 > Judging by the manuals, Research did it first.  In every manual from
 > 1/e to 6/e, the entry for ls(I) has this description for the -a option:

 > 	list all entries; usually those beginning with "." are suppressed

I suspect that in v7 (where .thing was indeed listed by default)
we decided that since .thing was a real file in the
directory it was better to list it instead of hiding it
by default.  (Seeing . and .. seemed  seldom interesting,

I was solely (and much more recently) responsible for the lack
of subject header in my earlier reply.


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