[TUHS] sco v. ibm

Norman Wilson norman at nose.cs.utoronto.ca
Sun May 25 04:47:57 AEST 2003

T. M. Sommers:

  If [Broderick] was [SCO's or Caldera's] agent, then it doesn't matter what
  they claim to recognize now; they are bound by his statement.

Assuming it can be proven that the statement was officially made,
which is why I ask after properly signed hardcopy rather than the
PDF file we have all seen.

Probably there are documents hidden away in SCO's files--there must
have been some paper trail leading to Broderick's letter--but that
is likely to be harder to track down from outside.

I don't doubt Broderick really wrote that letter, nor that he was
authorized to make the statement.  But the problem before us isn't
truth, it's proof.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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