[TUHS] SCO vs. IBM: NOVELL steps up to the plate

Cornelius Keck ckeck at texoma.net
Thu May 29 09:24:56 AEST 2003

> Here's a question of interest not to the Linux community but to
> the TUHS one: if, as Novell now claim, the 1995 agreement didn't
> convey the UNIX copyrights to SCO, under what right did SCO issue
> the Ancient UNIX Source Code agreements, whether the restrictive
> version of early 1998 or the do-as-you-like Caldera letter of early
> 2002?  Are those agreements really valid?

Good point. If memory serves me correctly, the 1998 agreement was
not free for the asking, but rather required shelling out US$100,
which means that SCO "sold" something they never owned, which
constitutes fraud (anybody with some legal background reading
this: please correct). What's the statue of limitations (sp?)
for this?



                             Cornelius Keck
                            ckeck at texoma.net

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