[pups] UC08 and Ultrix-3.1 again

nao nao at tom-yam.or.jp
Mon Nov 24 16:51:59 AEST 2003

Hi, all.

Here continues my story on a PDP-11/53 with UC08 and Ultrix-11 version
3.1. In Phase 2 "Load/unload optional software" process failed saying:

Open of distribution device FAILED: Try again <y or n> ?

I have to give up once, but after the installer quitted I can complete
installation by typing:

/.setup/setup_osl 53 tu 0 0 0

"53" means PDP-11/53. "Tu" is for "TU81". The optional software
installer distinguish TU81 and TK50 because they do not share device
files. Despite the OS installer creats these device files, it failes
to tell setup_osl this difference. Other part of the installation
process runs with "TK50".

TU81 and TK50 are both TMSCP tape device, but UC08 seems to tell
Ultrix kernel that my DDS2 drive (Seagate STD28000N) as TU81. Since I
can use no other tape drives, I have no idea whether the emurated
drive depends on a real drive or not.

Again I made a quick patch. As always, it is untested.

--- sys/distr/setup.c-	Sun Jan 24 06:26:13 1988
+++ sys/distr/setup.c	Mon Nov 24 15:11:20 2003
@@ -2622,6 +2622,10 @@
 		} else
+	    if ((tkflag == 1) && (tk_ctid[mtflag] == TU81)) {
+		loadev[0] = 't';
+		loadev[1] = 'u';
+	    }
 	    sprintf(syscmd, "setup_osl %d %.2s %d %c %d", cputyp[tpi].p_type,
 		loadev, rxflag ? rq_dt[rxunit] : 0, loadev[3], rd2);
 	    if((fo = fopen(osload, "w")) != NULL) {

Naoki Hamada
nao at tom-yam.or.jp

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