[TUHS] Lauch Gui using remote xterm!!

Philip, Naveen J (Naveen) philipn at lucent.com
Sat Nov 8 22:32:08 AEST 2003

> Hi
> All
> I am trying to lauch a xterm window on a remote machine and then once the
> xterm window is launched from the remote machine I am trying to start a
> gui on the xterm window.
> The following is the command I am using to start the xterm .It is failing
> and giving the error.
> remsh hostname " . /home/john/.profile >/dev/null 2> /dev/null;xterm"
> stty: invalid command
> xterm Xt error: Can't open display
> also can you let  me know once the xterm is open how do we lauch the gui
> on the xterm window using the same remoteshell.The gui name is nam_gui.
> Regards,
> Naveen

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