[TUHS] 32I status as of 17 Nov 2003

macbiesz at optonline.net macbiesz at optonline.net
Tue Nov 18 10:13:47 AEST 2003

Perhaps v7upgrade would make a nice combination with the 32I kernel.



> >
> > 3. Gcc is tool chain unless someone wants to take on 32V 
> compiler.  May
> > take advantage of inline and asm in machine dependent files.
> >
> > I wouldn't recommend using the 32V compiler, mainly because there
> > are so many syntax changes, as well as newer compiler technology,
> > missing from it as to make it a very challenging project.
> There are a couple of options here.  One is to use one of the 
> compilersfrom MIT that will match the code in 32V very closely.  
> You can google for
> these if they aren't already on Warren's site.  The other option
> is to use LCC.  I wouldn't use GCC if I were doing it.  (Of course 
> I'm not
> so these are just suggestions.)>

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