[TUHS] Re: Anybody with a copy of this paper?

Dennis Ritchie dmr at plan9.bell-labs.com
Fri Nov 28 17:36:17 AEST 2003

I see that Maziels and Coile have already offered
to scan (or copy) the Bach & Buroff paper.  I have
it too, just haven't scanned it.

The original requester should also try to find
the even earlier work on Unix multiprocessing:

Hawley, J. A., Meyer, W. D. (1975) MUNIX: A Multiprocessing Version of UNIX,
MoS. Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School - Monterey. June.
Goble, G.H. and M.H.Marsh, "A Dual Processor VAX 11/780",
Purdue University Technical Report, TR-EE 81-31, Sept. 1981. 

This used to be at


but for some reason Goble's pages have been
withdrawn.  Probably it's at www.archive.org,
but that seems unavailable just now.


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