nao nao at tom-yam.or.jp
Sat Oct 18 19:19:47 AEST 2003


I am interested in the history of VAX unices. On the modern extreme, I
obtained a pretty VAXstation 4000/VLC and it runs NetBSD now. I am
more than happy to play the original rogue from 4.2BSD. On the ancient
extreme, since I dare not to tame a beast like PDP-11/780, I am
reading various papers and codes.

Now I am searching for the original article of UNIX/32V: T. B. London
& J. F. Reiser, ``A UNIX Operating System for the DEC VAX-11/780
Computer,'' Technical Report TM-78-1353-4, Bell Laboratories, Murray
Hill, NJ(July 1978), but it seems quite hard to find it. Is there
anyone who can tell me how can I obtain a copy?



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