[TUHS] what is the progress on porting 32V to x86 platform

J.D. james at peacemax.org
Wed Apr 7 03:41:04 AEST 2004

To all concerned,

    I was wondering what progress has been made in porting 32V to the 
x86 platform.

    I would like to keep track of it's development. Maybe even dedicate 
a web site just for 32V/32I on x86. I'm not certain on how to setup a 
repository, but I'm willing to learn as I go.

    I have a DSL connection. 3 dedicated IP addresses (1 DNS, 1 mail 
server, 1 web server). The web server has 80Gb of storage space and is 
running Slackware Linux 9.1. I currently host my own web site: 
http://www.peacemax.org on the web server.

    I would really like to see a free / low cost UNIX or UNIX-like OS 
for the x86 platform come to fruition without the legal battles that 
Linux and BSD have had to deal with over the years.

Thank you,
James Falknor
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