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Carl Lowenstein cdl at mpl.ucsd.edu
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> BTW, the Lions book - which documents 6th Ed. very comprehensively - is
> available for legal purchase.  I have both the published version and
> (from a set of docs I bought on eBay) an old 'bootleg' photocopy.  

Me too, as they say.  I did the bootleg photocopying myself.

> There was at least one card that would drive a vector display, like the
> old Tektronix storage tube devices, but most I/O was terminal based.  I
> have some old ADM3a terminals that folks often mistake for early iMacs -
> they ask me which processor they use. :-)  

The first 11/20 I used had a Tektronix 4002 Graphics terminal
with it.  This was a storage tube, vector addressable.  But it also
had a complete ASCII terminal emulator built in, with diode matrix
character generator ROMs.  Also the best keyboard I ever used,
with magnetically-operated reed switches.  The Tek terminal used
a specially modified KL11 terminal interface, which did serial
communication to the CPU at something like 100k characters/sec.
This made the hard-copy TTY-based editor really easy to use, because
it could repaint the whole screen in a fraction of a second.

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