[TUHS] Booting v6

Kurt Wall kwall at kurtwerks.com
Wed Apr 14 11:33:41 AEST 2004

In a 1.6K blaze of typing glory, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> On Tuesday, 13 April 2004 at 18:35:02 -0400, Mirian Crzig Lennox wrote:
> > ewayte at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Eric Wayte) writes:
> >> I tried a few months ago and it is no longer available from them.  They
> >> suggested I try used book web pages.  There is a copy available on
> >> half.com as of this writing for around $100.
> >
> > Wow.
> >
> > Time to start Xeroxing it again...  :)
> Somewhere I had a TeX source file of it that went round
> alt.folklore.computers about ten years ago.  I took a brief look
> yesterday but couldn't find it.  If I try harder, there's a good
> chance that I will.  Would anybody be interested?


For 20 dollars, I'll give you a good fortune next time ...

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