[TUHS] Booting v6

Michael Davidson michael_davidson at pacbell.net
Thu Apr 15 02:18:11 AEST 2004

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From: "Mirian Crzig Lennox" <list-tuhs at cosmic.com>
> I'm amused that someone would use LaTeX to reproduce a manuscript of
> dot-matrix source listings and roughly-typewritten commentary.
> (No offence at all intended to Dr Lions; the genius was clearly all in
> the content, not the typography.)

When you describe the notes as having been "roughly-typewritten" I think
that you may have been misled by the quality of the printer that was used.

According to the 'Acknowledgements' in Lions:

 'The co-operation of the "nroff" program must also be mentioned.
  Without it, these notes could never have been produced in this form.
  However it has yielded some of its more enigmatic secrets so reluctantly,
  that the author's gratitude is indeed mixed. Certainly "nroff" itself must
  provide a fertile field for future practitioners of the program
ducumenter's art.'

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