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Hello from Gregg C Levine
Actually, no your not. I do. Even though my contacts with computer
technology was rather limited, until about thirty odd years ago, and
on and off, during the eighties. For example, a shop that my father
ran, which did typesetting, used a pair of teletypes to communicate
with the host. (Host wasn't a DEC system, he was a related unit.)

And surprisingly enough, one of their customers was AT&T, they sent
over a manuscript they were having problems setting using the exact
same methods being discussed here. 

My copy of the C manual, that all of us know who wrote, says it was
done that way as well.
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> >> I'm amused that someone would use LaTeX to reproduce a manuscript
> >> dot-matrix source listings and roughly-typewritten commentary.
> >>
> >> (No offence at all intended to Dr Lions; the genius was clearly
all in
> >> the content, not the typography.)
> >
> > When you describe the notes as having been "roughly-typewritten" I
> > that you may have been misled by the quality of the printer that
was used.
> Not at all; "typewritten" means "written with type": fixed-width,
> metal impact type on bars or wheels.  Surely I can't be the only
> person on this list who remembers when hardcopy terminals were often
> called "typewriters".
> cheers,
> Mirian
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