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Mike Parson mparson at bl.org
Fri Apr 16 07:57:54 AEST 2004

On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 07:46:35AM +1000, Warren Toomey wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 01:26:10PM +0100, Roger Willcocks wrote:
>>> True. The person is alive and well and living on the Gold Coast in
>>> Queensland where he works for a small private university. He is
>>> also semi-active in the arena of Unix history. He has a beard. He
>>> regrets never admitting to the copying of the commentary to John
>>> Lions personally, because John would probably have commended the
>>> act.
>> You wouldn't know, off-hand, whether 'Leo' actually rekeyed the
>> content ?
> No, I OCR'd it with Omnipage on a Mac, then edited the typos and added
> the LaTeX markup. Slow and painful, and there was no way Omnipage was
> going to cope with the dot-matrix source code.

Huh...  Omnipage's handling of dot-matrix printouts is one of the
reasons I will only use it.  Back around 94-95, I had a student come
into the lab at the university I was working at, her floppy she'd stored
her paper on was corrupt some how (don't recall exactly why) and the
only copy of her work she had was a draft-quality print off a 9 pin
dot-matrix, and pin 4 hadn't been firing.

~120 pages, scanned on the mac and run through OmniPage, very few
'typos' from the OCR.  It impressed the heck out of me.

> [ Oooh, what a giveaway! ]

I won't tell, I promise.

Michael Parson
mparson at bl.org

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