[TUHS] Emulators

Kenneth Stailey kstailey at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 02:46:47 AEST 2004

--- Sergey Lapin <slapin at drevlanka.ru> wrote:

> Hi all!!!
> While educating people some unix stuff (at time, spare from work as 
> admin), I have a need for making some simple UNIX-like  environment for 
> people to try to type some simple commands. Now I need to make it possible 
> to do it remotely. Are there any emulators, that are capable to run V5/6/7 
> or (better) 4.2BSD, and accessible by telnet or something like that?
> Additional thing I need is vi, any emulator that is capable of
> running vi could make me happy!!! 
> Emulation is needed because of unlimited virtualization possibility, 
> unlimited variation of configurations, and, of course, zero time for 
> recover after root errors. simh runs fast 60 instances on P233.
> But now I need vi :(
> Thanks a lot!
> S.

SIMH lets you put the console on a telnet session so a single user can access
any OS that does console I/O over the network.  Not as good as TCP/IP in the

Harti's p11 PDP-11 emulator is the very best for running 2.11BSD with TCP/IP


When the CPU is running the idle loop p11 suspends so no wasted CPU.

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