[TUHS] Location of a Coherent distribution?

Cornelius Keck ckeck at mail.keck.cx
Wed Feb 4 23:10:58 AEST 2004

Warren et al:

> 	Does anybody know of a distribution of Mark William's Coherent
> available on-line, or if someone has a distribution could they make a
> copy for me. Ditto for Idris. I'm particularly interested in their
> header files, and how closely they match the contemporary Unix headers.

ftp.mayn.de used to serve the stuff, but it they switched servers,
and it looks as if their archives are still high&dry. Planetmirror
pleads amnesia.I grabbed a copy of mayn's coherent tree last April,
some 2GB tgz'd.  This is the complete Coherent installation, in form
of a copy of .dd floppy images, and some additional pieces.
Unfortunately I don't have any FTP server set up anywhere, so do you,
by chance, have a place where I can drop it off?

BTW.. should anyboy's response get nuked by my smtpd, please respond
to usenet54 at keck.us.


                             Cornelius Keck
                 cornelius at keck.cx / ckeck at texoma.net

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