[TUHS] Location of a Coherent distribution?

Paul Ward asmodai at ao.mine.nu
Thu Feb 5 21:17:55 AEST 2004

Hello Cornelius,

Thursday, February 5, 2004, 10:56:58 AM, you wrote:

>> There is a TCP/IP stack floating round for Coherent (I have Tulip and
>> NE2000 drivers for it), but I forget where to obtain it now.  If I
>> locate it, I'll upload it for Warren to add.

CK> Hmmm... could that have been ka9q, that MSDos thingie, adapted
CK> to use some NE2000 directly?

Appears it is indeed, taken from the archive:

info on tcpip.gtz
Author: various
Date: June 7, 1994
Copyright: freely distribatable for non-commercial purposes.
Uploaded by: Randy Wright, (rw at rwsys.wimsey.bc.ca)
Adapted from KA9Q/K5JB, this is a user level implementation of
tcp/ip. It has been modified to support 32 bit coding, event
drive, and stripped of all that I could not test. It does
not support ax.25 or netrom. It does support ethernet (with
ne2000.gtz device driver) and slip. It has a dialer and a
domain name client. Compiles with either gcc OR mwc compiler.

requires: coherent 4.2 or higher. 

--Randy Wright

A quick google reveals
http://www1.vobis.de/bbs/firmen/ct/share/index_ch.htm to be a source
for download (search for cohulip.tar).

>> Incidentally, there is also no virtual memory support with 4.2.10.

CK> Yes.. but then Coherent was small enough to just squeeze by without,
CK> unless one installed X11, and started too many clients.

The box I have it on is a 486sx/25 with 8Mb RAM - remembering the joys
of X11R6 + fvwm back when it ran Linux 2.0.29, I'm tempted to install
X11 on it now :)

Best regards,
 Paul                            mailto:asmodai at ao.mine.nu

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