[TUHS] re: media: Unix's Founding Fathers

Kurt Wall kwall at kurtwerks.com
Sat Jun 26 14:02:04 AEST 2004

In a 0.6K blaze of typing glory, dmr at plan9.bell-labs.com wrote:
> At this instant, there is an accessible
> link at
> http://www.economist.com/printedition/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=2724348
> though it has some popups.  A very nice story
> indeed.  I talked to the author (Konstantin Kakaes)
> for a couple of hours in March. He really did want
> to know mostly about the kind of things the article
> talks about, and though the PR guy had probably told
> him that I wouldn't get into things like SCO, in fact
> that wasn't what he was interested in.

A very nice piece, indeed. It is refreshingly free from breathless
adoration of technology. Although such an article must note the UNIX
wars of the 80s and also the legal intriques, Kakaes manages to steer
clear of moribund, tired prose on the subject. Nicely done.

"This process can check if this value is zero, and if it is, it does
something child-like."
		-- Forbes Burkowski, Computer Science 454

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