[TUHS] Just a bit of (Intel BSD) history

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Tue Mar 2 18:25:27 AEST 2004

Michael Sokolov, I notice you're quite fond of the 4.3BSD family, and regard 
it as the One True Un*x.

If you'll go to http://masalai.free.fr/386BSD.tar.gz, you'll find Bill 
Jolitz's 386BSD 1.0 - mostly the source code.  (I've also got the 386BSD 0.0 
source files on my machine - about a decade after I almost got them 
downloaded but decided not to because Linux was marginally cheaper in terms 
of disk numbers.  I'll have to mount them loopback and copy the files off 

And perhaps it can be placed with the other 4.3BSD family members in the 
appropriate minnie.tuhs directory, Warren?
Wesley Parish
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