[TUHS] making VAX disk file images

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Mon Mar 8 21:01:55 AEST 2004

Thanks to everybody who replied.  And thanks to Markus Weber for pointing me 
to http://www.wherry.com/gadgets/retrocomputing/vax-simh.html

I've got OpenVMS 7.3 installed now, I just haven't got it fully setup.

That makes me a user of, let's see, how many Operating Systems?  And I used to 
think being able to install MS-DOS 5.0 was a mark of the fully-capable and 
highly-skilled computer-user! <(;^)
(Took me ages to work out I needed to fdisk the C: partition to install OS/2 
2.0; SLS Linux 0.99pl?? took ages to work out how to make partitions _and_ 
file systems, and I was nowhere near game enough to try extfs; Maybe I'm 
getting there - or at least, somewhere! ;)
Wesley Parish
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