[TUHS] m68k SVR2 on Perq (was: web site detailing Apple's mc68k UNIX, A/UX)

Eric Riebling riebling at verizon.net
Fri May 21 03:15:49 AEST 2004

>Incidentally, the Unisoft m68k port of SVR2 at the core of A/UX was also
>ported to the Perq-5 in 1986/1987, to create the Crosfield Studio 9500.
>Perq had just folded, but a core group of ex-Perq employees worked with a
>team from the UK company Crosfield Electronics to take the machine (which at
>that time existed only as a wire-wrap prototype) through to production.
>I was a member of that team and I have fond memories of sitting in a
>basement office in Pittsburgh surrounded by kernel listings (with a very
>puzzled look on my face).
>Just a small footnote in Unix history...

That's strange, I have those very same memories.  In fact I was looking
for someone who would appreciate this:

        #ifdef PYTHON



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