[TUHS] TCP/IP implementations

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Thu Oct 7 01:42:43 AEST 2004

Jose R. Valverde <jr at cnb.uam.es> wrote:

> But I understood the orioginal post to refer to other Ultrix sources.
> Ultrix had a long -and interesting- life after 32V. It was ported to
> MIPS machines,

By Ultrix-32 I didn't mean AT&T 32V, I just say Ultrix-32 to distinguish
it from Ultrix-11.  Ultrix-32 was DEC's product for VAX and MIPS.  On my
FTP site I have pirate sources for Ultrix-32 V2.00 and V4.20.  The lalter
runs on all VAX models DEC ever supported Ultrix on and on MIPS.


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