[TUHS] I came across this

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Sun Apr 10 20:35:45 AEST 2005


Anyone got any idea where it might be hiding out?


Wesley Parish
Emacs [toc] 

      name: Emacs
      last changed/verified: 1994-12-20
      original distribution: 1975
      version: 165
      base language: MIDAS (PDP10/DEC-20 assembly language)
      implementation language: TECO
      extension language: TECO
      scope of implementation: extensible
      hardware/software requirements: PDP10/ITS or DEC-20/TOPS-20
              Richard M. Stallman
              MIT AI Lab/MIT Lab. for Comp. Sci.
              545 Technology Square
              Cambridge MA 02139


Note: this is the original free, anonymous FTP from ? 
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