[TUHS] Original 9 track tape of Unix 7th edition from Bell Laboratories.

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at lemis.com
Mon Aug 29 12:09:43 AEST 2005

On Sunday, 28 August 2005 at 11:23:25 -0600, James Falknor wrote:
> To all concerned,
>    I discovered this little gem up for auction on E-Bay.
>    One of the stickers state that it is Seventh Edition from Bell Labs
>    I have placed a small bid on it ($5.00 US).

That's your maximum, right?   I see $2.25.

> Advice required:
> 1. Would it be worth continuing to bid on?

Possibly.  It's a pity it's not confirmed to be readable.  In any
case, the rule for eBay bidding is to wait until the very last minute
(literally a minute or two before the auction closes) and to know what
your maximum bid is.  Specify it and you'll only pay enough to outbid
anybody else (if possible).

> 2. What should my highest bid be?

I'd be inclined to go to about $20 or so, but that's my feeling.

> 3. Would TUHS be interested in the tape if I should win it? I don't
> have a tape machine or computer for such tape.

I'm surprised that Warren said no here.  It's possible that some of
the code might be different; it would certainly be worth comparing.

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