[TUHS] Weird result about a test on the pdp11/34 ...

asbesto asbesto at freaknet.org
Wed Aug 31 03:51:21 AEST 2005

Sorry for this,

we are here for a 48 hour continued debugging session at
Freaknet Medialab, trying to restore this pdp11/34 ...

now we discovered this:

running a program full of NOP, followed by HALT, it 
stop after 12 cycles !!!

so, if the program start at 1000, and end at 1100 with the 
HLT istruction ... the CPU STOP showing 1012 !!!

and, if we input the program starting from 1400, all NOP, 
with the HLT at 1500, it stop at 1412!

and, sometimes, it stop on address 002002 !!! it seem
not executing the HLT ... 

what can it be ? :( the 128K mos memory M7891 i tried to
repair some time ago ?

p.s. the program itself is as we wrote in :!

if someone can answer in real time, it would be great - we are
also on IRC, #pdp11 on ircnet, and ICQ 36294456. :D


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