[TUHS] Help about Data General ECLIPSE MV/7800XP

asbesto asbesto at freaknet.org
Wed Aug 31 21:54:34 AEST 2005


here we are back from pdp-11/34 restoration. We haven't 
installed unix, because we have to prepare a special 
disk image for V6 to be installed on the RL02 disk 
(only 10 megabytes :)...

now we're working on the Data General we have at our 
lab in Palazzolo Acreide, a little town in Sicilia

We had an hardware problem some time ago - the tape 
had some electrolytic condensers to be changed, the 
fuse blow out, ecc. ecc., but now we think the main 
electric part is OK, because the tape start, and
try to load the tape ... but

using CLI to boot the tape, we have this error:

SCP-CLI> boot
Boot from what device? [24]: 22
Fatal System Error: Data Channel Bus Timeout

AC0         AC1         AC2         AC3         PC          CARRY  ATU
00000000044 00000200000 00000170360 37700000000 00000000000 0      OFF


can someone help? We have original DG/UX tapes here, and
we want to install them on our disk, that now contain a
weird AOS/VS installation (and we have some backup of
it in other tapes)

sorry for spamming the mailing list - but this list is our
only resort :)

(and i apologize for my bad, "italian way" english language :)))

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