[TUHS] Borland's C++ BuilderX, Personal Edition

James Falknor james at peacemax.org
Sun Jul 10 01:41:36 AEST 2005

To all you programmers,

    I'm sure you're scoffing at me, but I just obtained Borland's C++ 
BuilderX, Person Edition. It only cost $10.00 U.S. dollars direct from 

    I plan to teach myself how to view, modify, replace, and 
write/re-write Unix Operating System code.

    May I rely on help from TUHS expert programmers? I know I'm going to 
need the help.

    My ultimate goal is to bring Unix Version7 into the 21st century. 
Since 4.3BSD contributed code into Unix Version8, I feel I will probably 
use portions of the latest BSD sources that are legally available.

    Again, if I may use those of you that programmers help, I would 
surely appreciate it alot.

Thank you,
James Falknor
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