[TUHS] Borland's C++ BuilderX, Personal Edition

James Falknor james at peacemax.org
Thu Jul 21 10:35:45 AEST 2005

Thanks to all,
    This project is, indeed, for my own educational purposes. I have 
always been "all idea, no action" type of person. It's time for me to 
act on my ideas.

    I have started by comparing the differences between Unix V7, 32V, 
Coherent, and NetBSD code base.

    I wish to preserve as much of Unix V7 as possible. Unix V7 was not 
without code contributed by others, namely Universities around the 
world. I don't know the legal logistics, but I don't see any reason to 
change the name from Unix V7 to anything else.

    As I begin to make run time progress on this project, I will keep 
everybody notified. I will also be posting questions as they arise.

Thank you,
James Falknor

(I know I'm not alone with a World of Programmers on this mailing list)

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