[TUHS] Borland's C++ BuilderX, Personal Edition

Andrzej Popielewicz vasco at icpnet.pl
Thu Jul 21 18:35:05 AEST 2005

Uz.ytkownik Wesley Parish napisa?:

>If you have a  look at the more modern *BSD, you'll see that vi contains ed 
>and ex.  It should be possible to backport that to V7 and likewise to 
What for ?
Vim 6.1(my port) under Coherent works perfectly. And of course Coherent
has its own very good vi and also ed and microEmacs and as far as I
rememeber (I have seen on Tuhs) Emacs too.
I have ported also mp( ala DOS edit) , asedit,xed(better version of
xedit) .Unfortunately I was not lucky with gvim and nedit.I have added
also about 1990 my own editor cedit(with hex support ala vim), but it
was for Coherent 4.0 and I did not port it to Coherent 4.2.10 yet.

OK, but if You see it does make sense than do it.

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