[TUHS] Borland's C++ BuilderX, Personal Edition

Andrzej Popielewicz vasco at icpnet.pl
Fri Jul 22 05:45:24 AEST 2005

Użytkownik José R. Valverde napisał:

>Looks like overkill to me. It made lots of sense way back then, but as you
>are speaking of an X86 port and you can assume an ANSI terminal to be the
>default and available, you may as well (at least as a start) do without
>termcap and terminfo (BTW I'd bet you don't need support for almost none
>of those ancient terminals).
I do not need curses or termcap or terminfo to work under simulated pdp
environment  via apout in Coherent. As I said I can build
everything(using V7 make,cc ans as), it means I can work, and I do not
need ANSI terminal (if You have meant true VT100 terminal, and not
TERM=vt100 on PC, BTW apout for version 7 assumes as default TERM=vt100
). I was meaning building in pdp environment running in Coherent, and
not building in Coherent via for example a crosscompiler or so.

 One needs  termcap or terminfo if one wants to port more sophisticated
 tools like vi etc.

>What you can get is then a simpler screen-oriented text editor which can
>easily be ported and then used as a bootstrap to port more advanced tools.
>Namely, S from 'A Software Tools Sampler' by Webb Miller. I ported and used 
>it on both V6 and V7, and still use it on V7 on SIMH. Neat, small, easy to 
>port, usage alike vi, but much simpler... And comes with some other 
>interesting tools (actually my first involvement with that code was to have a 
>unix-like toolkit on eraly VMS long, long ago).
>The code is available on the Net, but I'm including it here as an attachment
>as it is not that big (52K).
>				j
Great, I will try it out. I have already tested succesfully more_v7 ,
which I obtained from Tim.
Thanks. I will let You know how it works.


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