[TUHS] Solaris 10 source code

Andrzej Popielewicz vasco at icpnet.pl
Sun Jun 19 02:39:24 AEST 2005

Uz.ytkownik James Falknor napisa?:

> To all the Unix Officiando's,
> Have any of you checked out the recent release of Sun's Solaris 10
> source code known as OpenSolaris?
> What are your thoughts on the subject?
> Is the source code still considered to be based on SVR4?
> Any likely chance of using Solaris source code to bring 32V or Version
> 7 of Unix into the modern world of x86 usage?
> Thank you,
> James Falknor
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I did not check sources of Solaris 10 yet, but as an owner of many
Solaris 8/9 licenses I will certainly do it.
As far as Unix Version 7 is concerned I see some chances . Let us
consider such idea .
For example Coherent is based on Unix version 7. It has also support for
DKI/DDI driver interface (but not complete implementation). Solaris
drivers as far as I know use DKI/DDI. So there is some chance that at
least drivers could be in some way portable .
Probably using NetBSD would be also an alternative.


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