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Hello from Gregg C Levine
Bryan, nice to see someone here, I might have met. Were you present at
any of the boot camp gatherings since the official release? According
to Ambreesh at the one in March, there isn't any further BSD based
things inside Solaris. 

Mind you we didn't discuss anything from original UNIX at that
gathering, but it did come up during later discussions.

Now I'll grant you that exit just may be something that all of you
have not gotten around to constructing a replacement for, but that's

Incidentally this is the one issue that Groklaw has definitely Charlie
Foxed themselves out.
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> > Groklaw (http://www.groklaw.net/) has some VERY good discussion of
> 'openness' of this code...
> Can we please restrict this kind of dogmatic assertion to Groklaw?
> (the license for OpenSolaris) is an OSI-approved license; it is just
> open as the BSD license or the MPL or any other OSI-approved
> As for Unix history, you can definitely see the Sixth Edition roots
> of Solaris.  Look, for example, at the comment above exit():
> Pretty amazing that this comment hasn't changed in 30+ years...
> 	- Bryan
> Bryan Cantrill, Solaris Kernel Development.
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