[TUHS] Intergraph 2700

Paul Ward asmodai at ao.mine.nu
Mon Mar 14 17:42:01 AEST 2005

Hello all,

A friend of mine has liberated an old Intergraph 2700 workstation from
a basement.  The system looks to be in fine condition and boots up to

However, there appears to be a problem.

I am not sure whether the problem is hardware or software, but the
digitizer puck seems to have stopped sending anything back to the

I have to say that I am not 100% sure how Intergraph digitizers are
wired up -- the cable from the digitizer is run via a split cable, so
one can be wired up to the mouse port, and the other to the RS232
port, right now I have plugged both in.

Is there anyone with Intergraph experience who can enlighten me in
regards to the cables, or maybe some diagnostics that can be done on
the puck?

The puck is a 12-button grey creature, and the digitizer is a Kurta
XLC (sorry, I am not infront of the system right now, and can't
remember the model number).

Another thing to note is that I can't recover the root password
without some sort of pointer device input, and thus cannot log in to
diagnose any possible software problems.

Best regards,
 Paul                          mailto:asmodai at ao.mine.nu
 http://ao.mine.nu/       (NeXTmail) mailto:nextmail at ao.mine.nu
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